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 Duxter Halo Reach Race Day

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R2 Class Racer
R2 Class Racer

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PostSubject: Duxter Halo Reach Race Day   Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:55 pm

What is Halo Racing?:
Halo Racing was developed back in the Halo 3 days partially by one of our site developers rsyvarth, since then it has evolved and is now popular on Halo Reach. People have built maps in forge specifically for using mongooses and occasionally warthogs to race on, they are split up into categories like terrain which is racing on the actual map terrain and different types of skytrack which are built floating in the sky (occasionally mixed with terrain) and can range from double wide to single wide; there is all Supercross/Nationals which are tracks based solely around rhythmic jumps. So, come give it a go and race competitively against other members!

Tournament Description:
Halo Racing has always been quite fun for me and a lot of people I know so I thought why not make a tournament out of it on here. I am mainly using this tournament so that I can get some clips for videos of my tracks and then upload those videos to DuxTube. I am giving out some small awards but nothing major. If a race does not have a starting gate then I will say, and the race will start at 15 seconds.

Monday 13th January, 2012
7:00pm Eastern
6:00PM Central
5:00PM Mountain
4:00PM Pacific
12:00am United Kingdom

- Be civil, don't very excessively loud and shouting all the time. Don't whine if someone wrecks you, handle all issues maturely.
- Race cleanly, don't purposely drive into other racers although paint trading is allowed.
- When the host is reading out rules or instructions, do not talk of them.
- Any major annoyances such as driving backwards or cheating the track will result in a warning and then booting.
- The lobby will be limited to 14 people as lag is usually too excessive with 16.

Race on Spirrelli (5 Laps)
Race on The Metropolis (3 Laps)
Savage Snipes on Minus (15 Checkpoints)
Savage Lasers on Minus (15 Checkpoints)
Savage Snipes on Slither (15 Checkpoints)
Savage Lasers on Slither (15 Checkpoints)
Battle Snipes on *Unnamed* (5 Checkpoints) [Suggest a name, its a rollercoaster]
Race on Ridgeline Raceway (3 Laps) [Halo: CEA Map Pack Required]

1st - 30 Duckets
2nd - 20 Duckets
3rd - 10 Duckets

How To Line Up:
- When the amount of laps are up or the host says to, line up at the end of the lap. You must line up in a straight line and stay in the position you finished.
- Do not get off your mongoose, change positions, throw grenades, shoot or ram into the line when you come to line up. This will result in a -1 or you will be booted from the game in extreme cases.
- Listen out for when you have to stop, if you carry on you will receive a -1 or if you complete another lap/end the game you will be booted and receive -2.

Sign-Ups: (Please add "yugnoswam" on Xbox)
1. Yugnoswam [Host]
2. Adapt
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R2 Class Racer
R2 Class Racer

Posts : 206
Join date : 2011-11-27
Age : 23
Location : North-East England

PostSubject: Re: Duxter Halo Reach Race Day   Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:56 pm

I posted this on Duxter but please feel free to sign up here Smile
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Duxter Halo Reach Race Day
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