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 Trial of Time: Tournament 6 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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PostSubject: Trial of Time: Tournament 6 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway   Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:13 pm

The "Trial of Time" series is all about who can go round a track in the fastest time, each tournament will consist of up to four 15 minute races, in each 15 minute section you will be in a different classed car on a different track but on the same environment. It doesn't matter where you come in terms of standings, just how fast you dare to go around the track. Everyone will be using the same car, these will range from stock to custom tuned that will either be in the Club garage or if possible, just set up in the game settings. This will be two 20 minute races.

Sunday 4th March, 2012
Eastern: 5:00 pm
Central: 4:00 pm
Mountain: 3:00 pm
Pacific: 2:00 pm
England: 10:00 pm
Zurich: 11:00 pm
*If a Championship race is at 9pm UK then this race will commence directly afterwards.

Grand Prix
Brickyard Speedway

  • You must use the car restrictions specified. Everyone must be in the same car/same tuning.
  • Collisions are turned off. No Collisions are possible.
  • Limited damage will be on. Crashing will damage your car and harm your lap times!
  • In case of network problems those who enter the lobby first will be able to play.
  • Any attempt to seriously cheat a track will be met by points deduction.
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Trial of Time: Tournament 6 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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