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We are community site for some friendly tournaments and challenges in Forza Motorsport. Join up now for a chance to win some great prizes just for racing around in your favorite cars. Sign up for a tournament now! Join the fun!
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 LF UPDATE: Jan 6th 2012

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PostSubject: LF UPDATE: Jan 6th 2012   LF UPDATE: Jan 6th 2012 I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 07, 2012 2:00 am

LF UPDATE: Jan 6th 2012 LOsDu

Welcome to the new year of Liquid Forza. This is a quick update of all we have to offer on the site in terms of weekly challenges, events and contests!

Triple Header Weekend For the Spring Championship

The Spring 2012 Championships are continuing next weekend with 3 events from Friday to Sunday. Sign up now to get on the Drivers and Team Championships and win some great prizes. Also you can have some fun doing it as well! Check out the Events Calender!

Aussi V8 Championship

The V8 special event series in now the Aussi V8 series. I made a mistake when I created the series. I misunderstood what vinnownsu wanted so I have made the correction for all 3 events posted. YOu should go check out all the info in one of the tournament topics in Open Events. This is an extra-championship series that anyone can join in and win. You only have to make it to 4 races in order to be eligible to win!

Video Podiums

Hopefully you have been watching the Video Podiums I create after every event I host. They provide a chance for you to check out what happened during the tournament as well as see the cool paint jobs from the tournaments. Make sure to post up some replies on your thoughts. What did you like about the video podium? What would you change? Just an impression of the video?


We can always use a few more members to keep the tournaments full of people and I was hoping for your guys help in accomplishing this. First, make sure to mention Liquid Forza when you are on the Official forums. You can also change your signature to something with in it, if they will let you, so that we can get some new recruits. Second, if you race online, send a friendly message to your recent Forza players about the site and tell them they should join up. These people are still playing the game, so they are the kind we want. Third, if you got friends with Forza 4, encourage them to join up and participate!

Showroom Contest

The showroom contest is now in the voting stage. Head over to the race lounge to vote for your favorite car! The winner gets a special avatar prize. Thanks to everyone who submitted a paint job!

Thanks for reading. This is just a little quick overview of what is in store. Make sure to keep logging on to the site and posting on stuff so we can keep this site going!

LF UPDATE: Jan 6th 2012 MApjS
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LF UPDATE: Jan 6th 2012
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