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 Liquid Forza Terms and Info

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PostSubject: Liquid Forza Terms and Info   Liquid Forza Terms and Info I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2011 11:01 pm

Liquid Forza Terms and Info CPVja

Welcome to OUR little corner of the internet. On this site we are all about having fun with Forza racing. Talking about cars, creating sweet vinyl groups and see how fast we can get our cars around the tracks. So this topic is a little explanation of how this site works. I will go through the different features of Liquid Forza as well as some basic ground rules.

Member Conduct

- At all times on this site you must show respect to your fellow racers. It is fine to have a different opinion but if you are being a problem you will be removed.
- Be here to have fun; don’t take anything too seriously here. We are a very small community site built around events so if you cannot get along with the group then you will not have a lot of fun here.
- No offensive content should be posted. Let’s all agree to leave ethnicity, sexual orientation and any other offensive content out of this site. We are all here to have fun, see the point above!


Liquid Forza Achievements are something you earn during tournaments. They recognize an unusual or difficult task and give you credit for accomplishing it. They are manually updated by an administrator after the tournaments. You can see all of the current ones as well as whether you have unlocked any here:

Titles (Groups)

At the bottom of the main page you will see the names of the different groups as well as what color they are. You can also see throughout the forum how different members are different colours. Below is what they mean/how you receive them. They are not automatic, an admin must add you to the group.

Current Drivers Champion: This person has won the latest Liquid Forza Drivers Championship. Show some respect! This is the one rank that every Liquid Forza member wants. Get out there and race!

Latest Special Event Winner: This person has won the latest official special event. These events do not count towards the drivers championship. When a new event is hosted the old owner of this rank looses it.

Latest Contest Winner: This person has won the latest contest. This could be for screenshot of the month or some other contest.

Weekly Challenge Winner: This person has won at least 1 week of the current official weekly challenge!

Ranks (Post Count)

Next to each post and on your profile page you will see a Class ranking for the number of posts you have made along with a corresponding image. As you post more on the site you will find that your rank goes up. If you attempt to spam a topic to get your rank up you will be demoted and dealt with. So make quality posts and you will not have a problem.

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R2 Class (175 Posts)
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R1 Class (250 Posts)
Liquid Forza Terms and Info KKRuL

How To Help

Sign up for tournaments: We are going to have a lot of tournaments so sign up on this site and come out to these new events to show that we have the activity to support our own site.

Use the Gallery: I have purchased lots of storage for the gallery. Be sure to post up all your pics in the gallery and remember to comment and rate other people's pics so we can get some community going there. I will be hosting screenshot contests using the gallery feature!

Post in the Forums: We are an events oriented site but it always looks good to get some activity in the forum so reply/start your own topics. Whatever you like!

Liquid Forza Terms and Info MApjS
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Liquid Forza Terms and Info
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