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 LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011

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LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011 Empty
PostSubject: LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011   LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 08, 2011 9:04 pm

LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011 OivK1

This is the first big update of the new site. This update should show you some of the stuff I set up over the last couple weeks and how to find some of the other fun stuff on the site.

Drivers Championship 2011 Ending

We have 2 more races in our driver’s championship for 2011. So that means we will be starting the Spring 2012 season when I get a chance to post up the new tournaments. Make sure you stop by the race lounge if you have any suggestions for the new season. I will be extending the season and since I will be at home over the Christmas break the frequency of tournaments will drop a bit as I don’t got as much time as I do when I’m away at school. Make sure to look for all the new events.

Liquid Credits

Some of you may have noticed that I have activated the “points” system on the site. You get points for starting and posting in topics automatically. You also will receive Liquid Credits when you win special events or the drivers’ championship. You can then use these points as currency to buy favours from other members or from me. I will be slowly working on an economic plan for the credits. As of right now the drivers’ championship credit payout is 1st = 500, 2nd = 350, 3rd = 200, 4th = 100, 5th = 50. For special events 1st = 250, 2nd = 125, 3rd = 50.

New Achievements

So hopefully you have checked out the Liquid Forza Achievements. I update these after events and challenges to show off some of the cool feats our members have been able to accomplish. I recently added 10 more as some people said there was not enough of them check them out here.

Weekly Challenge Participation

If you don’t know we have a little weekly challenge around here where you can win over 25 cars in the VIP car pack. Make sure to check out the events calendar to keep up with the rivals event of the week. Nobody can win 2 weeks in a row and I am always switching it up. So next time you are on Forza check it out!

Paint Contest

We have our first painting contest up on the site where you can win some Liquid Credits and a cool avatar item. You can even nominate other peoples work for this contest. Check out all the details and how to enter!

Special Event

On Tuesday we have our first special event. This event is all about the fastest lap. This event does not count towards the drivers’ championship. You receive Liquid credits and a special colour title to show off on this site. See the tournament topic.

Thanks for reading. This is just a little quick overview of what is in store. Make sure to keep logging on to the site and posting on stuff so we can keep this site going!

LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011 MApjS

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LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011 Empty
PostSubject: Re: LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011   LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 08, 2011 9:36 pm

Nice update, if you need any help with these I'd be glad to help out Razz

PS: for UK you posted this on the 9th lol XD
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LF UPDATE: Dec 8th 2011
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